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"Your bills are way to high, you need to cut it" Tea Time

If you were task to cut back on some lifestyle desires such as cable, cell phone, or home security systems would you be able to do so? More than likely the answer would be… No! In order to cancel you would have to pay a fee because you’re locked into a contract you never got the details on. Typically they offer you an amazing trial price that you don’t even ask questions. You never really understand the importance of the contract until you have a situation where you need to get out of it, but they require you to pay an arm and a leg to get out of it. Now how are you supposed to live giving away body parts to get out of contracts? That’s not living at all.

In 2015, when I was faced with financial hardship I had to cut back on some lifestyle desires but was surprised that I couldn’t cut back half my bills. I was tied into those amazing price contracts. I had internet with Comcast and TV service with Direct TV. Now I know you’re thinking why didn’t she do the triple play with one company because it would have been cheaper but long story short is one of the companies set up the service incorrectly cutting off all the cable service of the residents in my building which had them looking at me sideway and didn’t show for the first scheduled installation appointment, hence, I took part of service elsewhere. With Comcast I was on a month to month so cutting them off was easy, but I kind of needed internet service without cable I needed to stream or use my smart TV to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime.

So I kept Comcast for a couple of months until I found internet service that wasn’t as expensive as the triple play package. The streaming function with Comcast worked perfectly every two months and then would buff every 20 minutes when streaming. I made a call to Comcast to have them fix the buffering issue and, it would work another couple months but would revert back to acting up again. I even upgraded my package which didn’t help the problem. You guessed a couple months into it the same buffering issue presented itself. After some research, I decided to convert to Earthlink which is a whopping $23.00 compared to the $65.00 I was paying with Comcast. I purchased my own router and set up the box myself in less than an hour. By having the router I was able to get Wi-fi off my internet connection which allowed me to stream. The only problem was I couldn’t be on the internet while streaming. I had to do one or the other. I knew there was a way to stream on wifi and via ethernet connection at the same time, but I’m not tech savvy nor did I feel like spending hours talking to customer service about setting it up to do both. So I lived with doing either one or the other which worked for me.

As far as cell phone service I was locked in with Sprint for about 10 more months. In order to terminate services I had to pay the balance left on my account along with a $250 early termination fee. This was impossible to do, considering I was already tight for money. Needless to say I had to let that bill go to collection until I was at a place that I could pay off the balance plus the early termination fee. This led me on the quest to find the most frugal cell phone plan and to my surprise the pay as you go plan with Straight Talk offered everything my cell phone provider provided with the exception of having to purchase a phone outright. The one thing I loved about Straight Talk is that you’re able to bring your own phone over as long as you purchase a SIM card which is .99 off their website how affordable is that? If you’re unsure if your phone is compatible call their customer service line or talk to a rep via chat. I am proud to report I pay $43.50 a month compared to $111.00 monthly that’s a $67.50 saving.