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"Investment made Easy" Tea Time

December 19, 2017 I decided to take a leap of faith and open a stash account. I’ve invested before with capital one investing some years ago but when I didn’t see any growth, I immediately sold my shares. Back then I wasn’t that knowledgeable about stocks and what to look for when purchasing a stock. I had just invested in what I knew which most stockholders encourage you to do. I’ve since learned that investing is not a sprint it’s a marathon. It takes time to reach the finish line.

On December 17, 2018 I registered for a live stream with Mabelle, investing educator of girls on the money which was so informative. I learned so much during the live stream which made me research more about stock terms and how to read the stock ticker. After the live stream she provided the attendees with supplemental and complementary materials to reference which included a mini guide along with supplements & examples.

Now back to Stash, I’ve been an account holder for a month's now. Around the same time I opened an account with them I also opened an account with stockpile where you can buy fractions of stock. Stash is so user friendly. Becoming a investor literally takes two to five minutes. They ask what type of investor you are in order to offer investment strategies that are inline with your investment style. Can you guess my investment style? If you guessed conservative than you would be correct.

If your beginner like myself you may not be interested in auto stash. Auto stash can initiate investments automatically and have them repeat according to your schedule. Consider enabling smart save which takes the guessing out of saving. Once the funds have been transferred from your linked account it will be added to your cash balance. You can either invest the funds from your cash balance or leave them in your cash balance which will earn interest while you decide what to do with your funds.

Stash will be hosting Q &A every Tuesday at 6pm EST via Facebook live so tune in for updates. The owner and co-owner are very transparent as it relates to the company and its future state. I had the pleasure of attending the Q & A Tuesday January 30, 2018 which was so informative. They stated they will be adding custodial accounts in the upcoming weeks. They also have plan to open a stash bank which could make transferring funds to your stash account simpler. Why are you still reading? Click here to open your stash account.