• Paris Butler

COVID 19 is teaching us

Patience. The shutdown has laid people off, stopped people's income, closed schools and businesses. Now we must wait for the end of this horror movie to end. The suspense is built thru the media. Patience teaches you to live in the moment no matter if it is good or bad. Recognize the good in the situation like the much needed pause we all needed. Some of us work so much we hardly have time for out friends and family. Consumed by the cost of living, work, and striving to do more. Many live by the motto of sleeping when they die and forget to take time to indulge in self care.

Resources. We've learned how to use the internet in ways we never did prior. This social distancing has become a GAME changer for many business. Tapping into the virtual realm of teaching, selling, and more. Recently I had the pleasure of attending a silent auction hosted be nceephotography which was fun as hell by the way. She started a COVID 19 fund giving away hers service as the prize. Her newborn session starts at $350. She is a beast at what she does so look her up. Right now she is unable to qualify for relief fund at the moment but she tapped into her other skillsets and capitalize on that in this moment. I said that to say people are doing what is needed to survive in this economy. People want to help especially when we see you working to survive. Use your skill to elevate your business but don't forget about the internet based clients who watch YouTube. I have socially hung out with my friends weekly by utilizing houseparty. Houseparty offers videoconference along with game options.

Follow the rules. If you don't follow them they implement stay at home orders. We grown and on a curfew. We're paying into a society to be told what to do. People are carrying on with life as if the virus won't affect them. Having the mentality what's meant for me will be for me. When rules are not followed consequences come shortly. We don't want martial law to be enacted but we can't follow directives. People find there cravings for seafood more important than other's health. Its like a budget. You must follow it in order for it work effectively. Make a plan and stick with it.

Preparation. Stay ready so you don't have to get ready. Who could have prepared for COVID 19? We don't know how long this will last but many didn't budge because they still have income coming because they weren't dependent on just one source of income. Stock market guru's capitalized on the stock market loss thru the purchase of options. Real estate investor were still collecting rent and purchasing property. It was business as normal for some. My opinion of financial stability is being able to live my lifestyle even after my earned income has been lost. This pandemic has taught us the importance of emergency funds and other stream of income. Many lost income due to lay off's leaving them looking to unemployment for help. Some businesses closed because the operation kept the income and others loss income due to lack of online presence. We are expected to be out of work until June. That emergency fund would have really been useful considering you should have saved 6 months to 12 months of monthly expenses. You could have taken advantage of deferment and unemployment in order to stretch your savings if you didn't have up to 6 months of savings. I am not here to judge you. I just want you to be proactive. Get ready. Once this is over remember who reminded you to stick to the goal.

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