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"Before you rent" Tea Time

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Around the age 20 I decided to move on my own, not by choice but because I was tired of shacking up at my boyfriend’s mother’s house since I got put out my parents spot. Since I didn’t know the first thing about living on my own I just called the nearest apartments to gather requirements to apply for an apartment. I applied for the first apartment I saw which was Surrey Square Apartment in District Heights, Maryland. My rent was $717.00 to be exact which was a steal. The lowest you can pay for 1 bedroom 1 bath now is $866 which is still a lot once you factor in utilities, cable, and internet. If you can find an apartment for that price now in the DMV(District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia) it’s more than likely not in a good neighborhood but what’s considered a nice neighborhood nowadays with all this crime being committed daily. Even the neighborhoods that are considered nice are under attack but that’s a whole other discussion in itself.

According to Washington Post, Perry Stein reported you need to make $108,092 a year to live comfortable in D.C. I’m pretty sure after reading that you’re debating moving on my own. Living on your own can be possible as long as you have a strategy plan. I believe how you start anything in life is typically how you finish. Always keep in mind that with life there will always be roadblocks so try to plan for those as well.

Before you rent what you should know:

- Minimum income requirement

- Application fee

- Security Deposit

- Amenities

- Tenant responsibilities

- Move out policy

- Specials