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Podcast Series

Finance Tea aims to empower millennials to elevate their financial state. Using real life scenarios and expertise to help listeners to relate to the podcast. Many of us want to partake on the financial journey but don't have the tools to move forward. Listeners must elevate themselves mentally, physically and socially to succeed. A financial journey is a discovery journey that helps people discover the habits and decision's that's gotten them in their current financial state.


Ep. 1

Meet Tara Lenae the Founder/CEO of Fiercely Made Lifestyle. She created this lifestyle brand to educate, empower & usher single women/mothers into a higher version of themselves.


Meet Kendra. Kendra is an Economist by day and Real Estate Investor by night. She created The Key Resource to change the perception of what a Real Estate Investor is "supposed to" look like. Kendra owns and manages 4 properties (8 rental units total)!

Ep. 3

Meet Juan, the Credit Doc is bringing awareness to the importance of good Credit health. Not only does he help others transform their lives and credit through his unique treatment plans, but he’s also a Bestselling Author and Founder/CEO of Shady Credit, LLC.

Ep.  4

Meet Naseema. Naseema is the founder of Financially Intentional, a blog about personal finance and living life intentionally. She discusses how taking control of her finances has enabled her to overcome bankruptcy, divorce, and break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.

Ep. 5

Meet Mabel. Mabel is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Girl$ on The Money - a stock market investing education company targeted to women, minorities, and individuals that are underrepresented in the world of investing.

Ep. 6

Meet Rachael. Rachael Hanible is a Personal Finance Coach and Author of Amber's Magical Savings Box which is an Amazon Best Seller and has a perfect 5 star rating! Amber's Magical Savings Box is an Interactive Children's Book on earning and saving money.

Ep. 7

With a portfolio of rentals and an eye for great flip deals, Khalil & Kyara are passionate about using their real estate expertise to build community wealth. While managing tenants, contractors and the business, the happily married couple can be found with the "real CEO", their daughter Mikayla.

Ep. 8

Meet Victoria, on social media her handle is @vlistpodcast. When Victoria isn't working one of her multiple jobs as a govt consultant, or Realtor you can find her working her passions by acting in stage plays, films, web-series, or hosting her own podcast The V-List podcast.

Ep. 9

Meet Niya, known as @careerglobalco on social media. Niya Allen-Vatel is a 3x-certified résumé writer, career transition coach, and brand strategist helping ambitious leaders build their brands to boost credibility, increase opportunities, and establish themselves as an expert in their niche.

Ep.  10

Meet James & Tanesia, known as @nelson_properties. James and Tanesia are a husband and wife team that believes in community investment and building generational wealth. With that mission in mind, they focus on buying and holding properties in order to provide rental homes to their clients.

They currently own 2 properties in Capitol Heights, MD, a multi-unit in Washington, D.C. and are set to close on a fourth property in Maryland by year's end.

You can keep up with James and Tanesia on Instagram at Nelson_properties, Facebook at Nelson Properties & Acqusitions, LLC and via their website NPAHomes.com